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Natural Flooring

TVCF fit natural flooring for discerning homeowners. We stock a range of natural flooring weaves, including sisal, seagrass, coir, jute and more.
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Organic, natural carpets, rugs and flooring

Bring the outside in with flooring made of natural materials, such as sisal and seagrass. Warm, stylish and durable, natural flooring accents your home with a rustic style that is truly unique.

In a world where we are all more environmentally aware, natural flooring offers a sustainable, healthy alternative to other types of flooring.

Types of natural flooring

There are many types of natural flooring available today. Those derived from plants fall into three types: seed fibres, bast fibres and hard fibres.

Seed fibres include things like cotton, bast or soft fibres are found in the inner bark or cell walls of plants. Hard fibres, such as sisal and coir are collected from leaves or fruit.

Here at TVCF, we supply a wide range of natural flooring.

Benefits of natural flooring

Natural flooring is not just good for the environment. Natural materials are long lasting, healthy to have in the house and have all the natural robustness of materials designed to survive in literally all weathers.

Natural flooring has a longer average lifecycle over other types of flooring. Some synthetic flooring emits harmful toxins when disposed of as the chemicals that make them are released. Natural flooring contains no artificial substances.

Choose from a wide range of natural flooring


Seagrass is naturally strong and resilient, making it an ideal domestic carpet. Seagrass is grown in paddy fields which are flooded by sea water in the growing season. Once fully grown, the crops are harvested, dried and spun into a strong yarn before being woven into a natural floor.


The leaf of the Agave Sisalana, Sisal is used to make rope, but given its ability to take dyes sowell, it makes for a great carpet. Woven into flooring, sisal becomes very strong and durable, making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas and busy homes.


If you need a natural flooring that is particularly robust while maintaining a rustic look, coir is what you need. Hand spun fibres of coconut husks are woven together to create attractive flooring that has a holiday beach hut feel.


Jute is used in hessian and burlap and creates a strong, highly textured flooring. It is also very soft to the touch, which belies its natural strength and toughness. Hard wearing and practical, Jute is great for creating a rustic feel


Wool comes most commonly sheep, but can come from other animals. A warm, luxurious carpet, wool can be spun and threaded into a variety of textures and patterns. Wool takes dye very well, creating a rich, opulent carpet or rug.


Cotton is the most common seed fibre. Soft, strong and with an excellent ability to retain colour, cotton makes a popular natural flooring for all sorts of properties.


Cork is one of the most sustainable types of natural floor. Its harvesting process doesn’t involve the felling of cork trees. Cork is a comfortable, versatile flooring that is soft and warm.

Real wood flooring project, Crowthorne

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Real wood flooring project, Crowthorne

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