Through a recommendation we were asked to supply and install a suitable carpet for Mrs Heather Bray who is wheelchair-bound and living in a care home in Wokingham, she is also prone to dropping things.

We took a selection of gel backed impervious carpets which also came contract rated and stain resistant. Mrs Bray found these to be most suitable as they are fully adhered to the subfloor and will not ruck up with continuous wheelchair use. She also liked the idea that if she accidentally spilt anything, it wouldn’t sink through the carpet, and could be easily cleaned up without leaving a stain. Mrs Bray ended up choosing Hospi Classic Plus for her lounge, hall and bedrooms.

Project details

  • Scrape and sweep subfloor
  • Lay JHS Hospi Classic Plus and cut down
  • Pull-back and adhere to the subfloor using Ball F3
  • Leave until glue starts to cure
  • Lay carpets back down, smooth out any bubbles and fit to skirting
  • Remove waste and give each area a full vacuum