The school located in Fulham, London required all furniture to be moved and repositioned. We needed to uplift and dispose of the old carpet and matting. We also repaired the floor as required before new carpets and matting was installed. All work was completed over a weekend, so as to not disturb the school. On Friday afternoon, all the areas were cleared and the carpet uplifted. Half of each room was done as to allow for storage of furniture. Floor repair was done as required. Half of the rooms were uplifted and furniture moved by Friday evening. The corridor carpet and the entrance hall matting was fitted on the Saturday before the rest of the rooms were uplifted and floor repairs carried out. On Sunday, the rest of the carpets were fitted in each room, the furniture put back in place and all areas cleared and cleaned.

Project details

  • Carpet: Heckmondwike Supacord
  • Entrance: CFS Lobby matting
  • F3 Adhesive
  • Tremco SX301 latex