This project was carried out for Mr and Mrs Barry from Binfield, Berkshire. They asked us to supply and install some non-slip vinyl to the kitchen, lounge and bedroom and to create a wet room for their annex that they had recently added to their home.

The first step was to make sure that all the floors were scraped and swept ready for the floors to receive primer and latex. After the latex had dried, we sanded the floor until smooth. We then stuck all the cap and cove to the wet room and pulled out all the flooring, making sure any patterned flooring was straight with the walls. All the flooring was then cut down, pulled back and fully adhered to the subfloor.

The last step was to fit all the flooring and weld all areas in the wet room. You can see all the different stages of the job from the images below.

Project details

  • Ball Stop Gap 131 primer
  • Ball Stop Gap 300 latex
  • Caz Acoustic Matting