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Domestic Carpet

At Thames Valley Carpet & Flooring, we understand how important it is to get carpet fitting right. From helping you decide colour and texture, to high quality installation, you can rely on TVCF every step of the way.
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Choose from the widest range of carpets

We pride ourselves on understanding your needs when it comes to the perfect carpet. That’s why we stock a wide range of carpets to suit every style. Our range includes a diverse selection of colours and styles, pile weights and materials to suit every home. We can even bring our samples to you, to help you visualise your home improvement project.

Pile Types: Woven or tufted?

There are two types of domestic carpet most commonly sold in the UK: tufted and woven carpets. Woven carpets, such as Axminsters and Wiltons, are made using traditional loomed methods, and are labour intensive. They provide a premium finish for discerning buyers. Tufted is the most popular carpet for homes today and is made by a row of needles punching the pile yarn into a base material. It can be made using all types of yarns, that offer a variety of finishes.


Made a bit like an oriental rug, with fibres woven in and out through the surface backing on an Axminster machine. Axminster carpets are known for their grand, intricately patterned designs, quality and durability. Until recently, most Axminsters came in a velvet finish, but we are able to offer twisted yarn as well, to reduce shading.

Berber or looped pile

Berber or looped pile carpet is made from uncut continuous loops on the surface and has a distinctive knot appearance. Berber can be looped, with a low-profile pile construction to maintain its appearance, or have loops of different heights to form a textured pile.


A good choice for stair runners, flatweave is created by interlocking warp and weft threads. Although it’s looped, it gives the impression of being completely flat and feels firm underfoot.


This deep-pile carpet is popular for bedrooms. It has a cut pile with long tufts giving it a gentle, soft feeling underfoot and a luxurious look.


An opulent, luxurious deep shag pile. Shag is easily distinguished by its extra long tufts that give it its iconic look. Not ideal for areas with high traffic, but a fantastic choice for a warm, gentle way to wake-up when you first step out of bed in the morning.


Twist carpets are the most popular type of carpet currently being produced and come in plain colour or in a combination of complimentary shades to create a ‘heather’ look, which helps hide build-up of dust or animal hair. It’s also a good choice for high traffic areas, such as hallways and stairs.


A short, dense pile and a good choice for a luxurious floor covering in a bedroom, velvet pile has a smooth, cut pile finish and is usually available in solid colours.


Another luxury quality carpet, Wilton carpets are available in a wide range of patterns and offer a smooth, velvety, woven surface.

Types of Domestic Carpet

Carpet adds a finishing touch to your home by adding textured detail, accenting your room with complementary tones and colours. Your new carpet needs careful consideration, as it needs to suit the different requirements of a room. Both practical and decorative, it may be used to add warmth through the rich colour and thick pile, or to be hardwearing and easy to clean.


Generally used for high-quality carpets, wool provides a great looking floor covering that is made from sustainable, resilient and highly durable fibre. It also provides great insulation, reducing heat loss and noise.


The mix of 20% man-made fibres and 80% wool makes a great combination for an all-purpose carpet as it provides the best elements of natural and man-made materials.


This carpet fibre is a popular choice thanks to its hardwearing and stain resistant properties. It can be cleaned with domestic cleaning products, making it ideal for high traffic, spillage-prone areas.


Polyamide is available in a wider range of hues and vibrant colours that can’t be reproduced in wool. A good all-rounder for family homes, good-quality polyamide or nylon carpets come with built-in stain-resistant treatments and provide comfort and durability.


Used for textured or shag pile carpets. Polyester is most like wool in look and feel, and is remarkably soft, durable and stain resistant. Most often used as a blend, rather than on its own.

Real wood flooring project, Crowthorne

I’m so pleased with the finished result and can’t thank the guys enough for finding such a good match and saving our lovely floor. Brilliant company. Thank you.

Real wood flooring project, Crowthorne

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