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Real Wood Flooring

We'll fit a striking real wood floor that perfectly suits the décor of your home.
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Bring a Natural Wooden Feel to Your Home

Here at Thames Valley Carpet & Flooring, you’ll find quality wood flooring including oak, maple, walnut, beech and pine. Our expert craftsmen have over 30 years of experience, so you can trust that your flooring will be measured, fitted and finished with expert precision and care. From a full subfloor preparation service to floor sanding and sealing, including supply and fitting of new skirting boards, we complete the work to the highest standard.

Hardwood Flooring

Many homeowners in the Thames Valley aspire to own solid hardwood flooring for its authenticity, timelessness and durability. Our solid hardwood flooring is constructed with 100% hardwood and each plank is a single solid piece. This makes our solid hardwood flooring durable and reliable; a wonderful investment that will raise the value of your home and provide beauty for a lifetime.

Solid hardwood is known for its endurance. This means it can be sanded and refinished multiple times over its lifetime. This allows your wood floor to match the style of your room at all times. If you grow bored of a modern style and fancy a new look, wooden floor can easily be refinished to add a more rustic feel.

The durability of hardwood depends on the wood species and wear-resistance of its protective finish. Harder woods such as Hickory and Oak are more dent resistant, and those with more resilient finishes will perform best against scratches.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered hardwood floors are made up of layers. The top and bottom layers are 100% natural wood. In the middle is a core built from several layers of plywood that crisscross in different directions to add strength.

Engineered construction creates a highly stable core that is less likely to expand, contract or shift when exposed to moisture, humidity and temperature. This makes engineered wood flooring a great option in rooms that are subject to moisture or radiant under-floor heating.

Some engineered floors have a thicker top hardwood layer that allows them to be sanded and refinished several times. Engineered floors can be a good choice if you need a thinner wood for an existing space. If you need to match the height of an adjoining floor or fit kitchen appliances into tight spaces between countertops and floors, the flexibility of engineered flooring is a great option.

Real wood flooring project, Crowthorne

I’m so pleased with the finished result and can’t thank the guys enough for finding such a good match and saving our lovely floor. Brilliant company. Thank you.

Real wood flooring project, Crowthorne

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